10 Guest Blogging Opportunities for Your Private Jet Business

As a private jet owner, it surely is grand to be able to go wherever you please. Convenience is right at your fingertips whether you need to attend a regional meeting,or you simply want to unwind during a getaway. But what if you can earn more out of your plane by making it available for flight reservations or empty leg trips? By having your jet open for chartering, you can offset your operational costs and maintenance, it’s almost like you’re flying for free.

If you’d like to spread the word about your private jet’s packages, Guest Blogging would be a great way to do so. These days, there’s a proliferation of trusty travel, luxury, and aviation-related sites. By showcasing your service son some of these websites, your business will have better chances of being noticed by your potential passengers.

As a word of advice, these websites look for stories which are worth sharing and reading. So go beyond the sales-y way of placing your service packages, and be sure to bring value to your target sites. For instance, if you’re pitching your article to a luxury-oriented site you can talk about the practical perks of private flying or having a Jet Charter App.Most of these sites will just be placing one to three hyperlinks leading to your Home Page anyways. Some of them are quite strict about making sure the articles you’ll submit wouldn’t sound too promotional.

Having considered the above mentioned reminders, here are ten sites which can market your private jet so luxury travelers can be directed to your services:


1. Air Facts Journal

This site is composed of a passion group of pilots who talk about the joys, challenges and even funny stories which come with flying. It’s a casual site aiming for fresh perspectives when it comes to being a pilot. The Journal is an extension of an online Aircraft Supplies shop, Sporty’s Pilot Shop. On the Air Facts Journal, you’ll have students, hobbyists and professional pilots as your audience. They mostly go for short stories and they appreciate actual photos of where the memoirs took place.

2. Universal Weather & Aviation, Inc.

The business and operations oriented site encourages knowledge and insight-sharing related to aircraft management. It supports the community of professionals who make trip planning and execution possible. With a more formal tone in its content, Universal gives a glimpse of the latest trends when it comes to the elaborate logistics related to flying. They welcome charter brokers, among many other industry professionals, to share their insights on operating aircraft and managing trips.Firsthand experiences from pilots and flight attendants may also be submitted. They do not allow outright advertisements of their contributors’ service packages. However,the blog can make room for up to THREE links leading to commercial sites, LinkeIn pages or any of your other applicable sites.


3. TheRoamingRenegades.com

The site’s owners are in a constant rush of exploring every adventurous place they can include on their bucket list. The Roaming Renegades is maintained by two married couples who continuously have off beaten paths as part of their agenda.Their advertising and feature options are as varied as their adventures. One of the most cost-effective ways to fully showcase your private plane package is by submitting a Guest Post to their site. This should serve as your avenue to further expound about the perks which extreme travelers can get from availing your service.

4.Travel Eater

This site showcases a traveler’s adventures to 51 countries and counting, as she savors the most sumptuous dishes in different parts of the world. Johanna Read has a list of restaurant and food reviews, plus authentic recipes which have been shared from the locals she’s encountered throughout her travels.She’s open to Guest Post submissions and even allows links to be placed on the articles. However,the site owner is quite firm on only featuring stories which are compelling enough to keep her readers engaged.Detailed information is required, so it’s much easier for others to try out the travel-eating experience which has been showcased in the article.



5. I Heart Cabin Crew

From heartwarming, funny and motivational pieces, I Heart Cabin Crew is a promising site which features the different aspects of a flight attendant’s life. It also provides practical tips related to the hiring processes of cabin crew members. The site additionally includes book recommendations for aspiring flight attendants. Some of these books indicate a comprehensive list of Question and Answers which help them prepare for their interviews. They’re currently looking for stories about traveling, the life of a cabin crew, interview tips and other related pieces. This could be the site foryou to share about the accounts of a flight attendant’s experiences in a private jet.

6. Creatively Karalee

As a Marketer and Traveler, Kara talks about her insights about blogging, digital brand building, events, travel destinations and her profession as a flight attendant. She shares tidbits of information about the airline industry, plus her bubbly personality gets reflected by her official website and Social Media accounts. Mulder has worked with various brands and was featured in a number of platforms all over the world. She’s currently open to collaborations to build brands, create content and impart social media strategies among many other prospects.


7. Next Luxury

Next Luxury claims to be the definitive site for the modern man who enjoys luxury, while feeding off intellectual and adventurous pursuits. Its topics include fashion or style, travel, rides, health, wealth, dating, lifestyle and so much more. It encourages its male readers to be gentlemen of greatness by providing tips on how to live well. As one of their articles, “100 Things To Do Before You Die: The Definitive Life Guide For Men” features exciting and feasible extreme activities. They can potentially be part of any guy’s bucket list. These include witnessing a volcano erupt up close, sky
diving, shark cage diving, growing a beard, brewing your own beard and more.

8. Luxury Launches

This site is focused on purely luxurious features. They publish about the latest trends, products, travel destinations and even cars plus yachts. Luxury Launches is seen as one of the best lifestyle sites around. They’ve also been featured at The Guardian and New York Times, among other top publications. The group which represents this website can be reached via email: dhiram@luxurylaunches.com.


9. Smart Hustle

The online magazine aims to build a community of small business owners with the mindset for entrepreneurship. Its values lie in creating a support system for entrepreneurs as they share the challenges, successes and typical hustles which go with building a startup. Smart Hustle features tips about product launches, the application of technology in book keeping, handling customer reviews and more. They’re looking for contributors who share the same passion about small businesses. They prefer those who have experience in the arena of building businesses from scratch. Upon
featuring your content, you’ll also be allowed to have a link which directs to your website.

10. Entrepreneurship Life

With the aim to inspire and motivate business owners, Entrepreneurship Life provides valuable tips on business, entrepreneurship,finance, management, leadership,and technology. This site has the vision of getting entrepreneurs involved in the various facets of a startup. These include generation of ideas up to growing a business. Some of its popular topics are about cloud-based accounting software products, productivity, and even values assessment. This website’s content is quite worthwhile, some commenters are starting to engage in the articles which they’ve so far published.They welcome contributors who’ll cover original analysis and reporting. Commentaries will also be considered.

Just like businesses which have been built with of a vision, it’s always best to share a story rather than be sales-y. These 10 sites can potentially be your starting point towards building an online network to make your service known. Through Guest Blogging, you can gain a following which has been organically grown. This can potentially be sustaining while you build your credibility as a reliable private jet provider.

Author: Judith Webb