11 Ways to Completely Ruin Your Client’s Private Jet Flying Experience

With the proliferation of private jet services out there, it’s quite necessary for you to stand out amongst your competitors. Providing the most luxurious experience in every flight will make all the difference for you to keep your customers and eventually earn their loyalty. Thus, it’s always best to avoid a couple of flight management faux pas to keep your clientele enthused about your services.

Here are some scenarios you must ABSOLUTELY avoid as you strive to make your mark in the private jet charter industry:

1. Unprepared Private Terminals

This area is pretty much the first thing your clients will see as they wait to board the plane. Typically, this should be an exclusive lounge area for private passengers to relax in. Although it only takes several minutes before they ride the jet, it’s still necessary for the terminal to always be complete with snacks and refreshments. Some private terminals like the one at Le Bourget,Paris even has a prayer room, snooze area, meeting lounges and a luxury bath area. Without a well-prepared private terminal, you’ll probably be lessening your chances to provide an entirely pleasurable flight to your passengers.

2. Lack of Concierge Support

Your team of flight experts is quite crucial in ensuring the efficiency of your trips, every time. They’re even more needed if your clients will be taking on multi-leg flights. Without concierge support, your passengers won’t also have well-customized quotes. If there’s no sufficient support on this side of your charter team, service fails and complaints would most likely ensue.

3. No Privacy for Business Meetings

Aside from much quicker trips, privacy is one of the very reasons why people opt to book for jets. Even the term “private” is included in the service’s name itself. Clients reserve for private jets so they can simply kick back and relax, without being bothered about random people walking along the cabin’s alleys.They need to have much-deserved rest, so they make sure to book for the most luxurious ride possible.

Ironically,there are some jets which leave little room for uninterrupted naps or even private business meetings. If you’re flying several people through your service, it’s practical to ask if they’d like to have their jet size upgraded. This way, there’d be enough space and dividers for them to walk around the plane without disturbing another passenger who might be napping or having a conference call.

4. No Internet Connections on Long-Range Flights

Sure, a non-available WiFi could be endured during short, 30-minute flights. Your clients may even take the opportunity to disconnect from the digital world and enjoy the sights you’ll be flying over. However taking them to at least an hour-long flight is an entirely different story. A high-speed internet is what you’ll need as people get increasingly connected in the Age of Information. Your passengers should be able to conduct their transactions even while in the skies. They also need to be updated with the goings on in their companies and personal lives. These days, leaving out online connectivity is simply not an option during flights.

5. Subpar Quality of Catering

As private jet charter services offer customized meals for their clientele, there’s almost no limit to which food selections can be prepared for flights. There are even cabin crew members who take the time to source for clients’ special requests like chocolate fondue, vintage wines, or even meals from five-star restaurants. Competing private jet services also hire flight attendants who have a background in culinary studies hence they can prepare the tastiest meals at 41,000 feet.  With lots of in-flight food options to choose from, it will be a let-down if you’ll be re-heating pre-packed food, which tends to be dry. Serving sub par food sends a message to your client that you’re not exerting enough effort to make their experience as pleasurable as possible.

Long-Range Flights

6. Incomplete Toilet Facilities

Aside from safety, it’s highly necessary to have the complete facilities whichensure your passengers’ comfort. Theseinclude your aircraft’s lavatory. Its features varydepending on the size of a plane.Still, on every flight, it’s always best to give the assurance for your passengers to have enough privacy in case of toilet-related emergencies.Fully functionalamenitiesmust be provided, in reference to the duration of your flight and your client’s chosen plane size. Smaller planes have toilet stalls with privacy curtains. 6-seaters have more discreet lavatories at the rears of their cabins. As an aircraft’s size gets bigger, more customization and privacy may be provided in itsbathroom.It’s always best to talk about the lavatory’s features with any plane which your client will charter. This way, they’d know what to expect in case they need to go while in flight.

7. Incomplete Cabin Furnishings

A plane’s cabin facilities will vary in reference to its size. It’s necessary that you don’t fall short of what’s expectedfrom anyaircraft which your client will book for. Without enough in-flight features and inviting furnishings, it would be a challenge to establish more homey-ness, restfulness, and privacy in every flight. For instance, if your plane’s divans can be transformed into a bed do make sure blankets andpillows would at least be provided. Does your aircraft have a built-in Cabin Management System? If so, then it’s important to check on its efficiency and that its necessary components are functional.

8. Lack of Transparency

A guarantee ofsafety and completeness of service are two of the most important messages which you must relay to your passengers. This is made possible by being transparent with your documents and related certifications. Be sure to have your Terms of Carriage readied, among other accessible documentation. Your flight’s terms andprice, plus contact details must be readily available for your passengers to view. These should all be provided so your private clients can gauge the level of service which they’ll experience during flights. Without providing sufficient information, it sure would be difficult to establish trust among your passengers.

9. Lack of Flexibility in Scheduling

Flexibility is another crucial reason why people opt for private jets.  By not providing your passengers’ preferred flight schedule, it would just be much easier for them to switch to another service. Be sure your passenger can easily reach their intended destinations, by planning the most efficient itinerary possible. If they need to quickly change their routes, your team’s concierge service must be quick to provide a jet ready for them to hop on.

10. AirportRestraints

The last thing your clients will need is having to land on airports which are quite far from their intended destinations. Not being able to operate on small airports or exotic destinations is simply unacceptable. Thus, you must be sure to arrange for an agile private plane and an airport that’s operationally welcoming of your passengers as soon as they get there.

11. Inattentiveness to Passengers’ Needs

There have been horrific instances where first class passengers couldn’t squeeze in some time to rest or take a nap due to loudly gossiping crew members. When your passengers opt to fly on private jets, they must expect only the most dedicated attendants to take care of their needs. Their comfort must be highly valued. It’s thus necessary for your flight attendants tohave the complete training to work in an organized manner and to be always on call whenever their services are needed.

Details do matter when it comes to rendering the best possible private jet experienceto your passengers. Either of the mentioned items can make or break your reputation as a private jet provider. Thus it’s in your interest to avoid them at all costs. Instead, be sure to come up with a checklist of standard facilities which must be provided and monitored in every flight you’ll arrange. You can always take private flying to the next level bybeing more attuned to the needs of your passengers and making sure everything in the jet is always well-prepared.

Author: Judith Webb