The 15 Most Underrated Skills of Private Jet Services

To stand out from the competition, your staff members must have certain service skills to make your clients’ flying experience a delight every time. These underrated, yet outstanding skills can make all the difference between a subpar private flight and an excellent one:

1. Attention to Detail

Being detail oriented always has its perks in the workplace. When particularly applied to private jet services, this quality can be translated to considering the client’s requirements. Usually, a template orchecklist of items has already been laid out to ensure the standard features of a private jet are complete. However it’s still necessary for the crew members to know the exact needs of the clients, so the cabin’s facilities may be customized for the VIP passengers’ comfort.

If clients will be flying for business purposes, then it’s a necessity to prepare all the related facilities they’ll need to conduct their transactions. These include a well-functioning WiFi, plusseats and tables conducive for meetings.

2. Communication Skills

The verbal and non-verbal forms communicationareboth required to meet your client’s expectations. Do your employees ask theright questions when they speak with your customers? Is their understanding alignedwith the passengers’ exact expectations? Clarity is necessary to make sure everything will be accordingly arranged.

3. Time Management

Travelers choose to fly on private jets to experience luxury and convenience. They want to avoid the long lines and hassles of waiting for longer periods of time so they could reach their destinations faster.Hence, your staff members must always be on theconstant lookout for shorter flight routes,especially during multiple city trips.

As acrucial quality, Time Management also means your employees must recognize the importance of setting aside some equitable schedule per client. It is highly likely for them to handle various accounts of clients.Thus they must make time to handle the details of various itineraries. Be sure they also know how to prioritize their time to handle more demanding accounts.

4. Organization

It’s not uncommon thatone of your employeesmay not be around for a whole day. Can you trust that his or her colleagues cantake over and easily retrieve the files relating to a project or transaction? For your internal processes to keep running smoothly, it’s necessary for your staff members to be skilled in office organization. Keeping everything in order is key to further ensure the efficiency of your transactions.

5. Solution-Oriented

Every once in a while, your operation team will encounter some road blocks that could lessen the quality of your service.It’s then a requirement for your staff members to quickly identify the possible challenge beforehand so the best possible solution may be applied.

For instance,if your client requires in-flight catering during their trip, one challenge you’ll likely encounter includes food preparation and storage.To solve this dilemma, it’s necessary for your staff members to brainstorm about the best means to get the customers’ food on the plane. These may include ordering for boxes, chillers,and even portable drawers to effectively store and servethe dishes.

6. Ability to Improvise

What if your client will be flying with his wife and kids, and they’d like to request for a miniature fondue fountain – at the last minute? Then you do all you can to make sure the sumptuous treat will be available on board.A lot of similar instances happen in the business of private jet reservations. Thus it’s necessary for your staff members to be ready for requests at the drop of a hat. They must be inclined to improvise by sourcing for different materials from various stores, plus driving all the way to certain shops.

Long-Range Flights

7. Being on Call, 24/7

Constant availability cannot be undermined when it comes to the business of private jet charters. This is why your team must be shuffled in to make sure service will be available throughout different times of the day. You must also be able to provide a plane in as little as 30 minutes before your client’s trip.

8. High Energy Level

The private jet charter industry is quite dynamic. This is why you’ll need to have staff members who can find ways to keep inspired and have sustained, high levels of energy. These are quite usefulin arranging for flights, speaking to operators, coordinating with suppliers and most importantly, in attending to the needs of your customers.

9. ACaring Attitude

This quality is necessary,especially for long range flights. Consider the plane as your clients’ home away from home. Hence your staff members must be dedicated to prioritizing the comfort of your passengers, even if the clients can get quite particular and demanding.

10. Optimism and Positivity

Employees can feel frazzled in the middle of handling client requirements andspeaking with your partners. This is where the value of optimism becomes quite handy. Staying positive even in the middle of a busy season can especially be energy boosting and it somehow lightens the load of your operations. Counter the effects of snowballing pessimism and lack of productivity, byletting your staff members conceive of one positive thought at a time.

Long-Range Flights

11. Flexibility

Agility certainly goes a long way when it comes toservingyour clients. This is especially applicable to private jet flight attendants. Being constantly on their feet, running to different shops and flying to different countries within a week perfectly describe these angels of the skies. Personal shopping requests aren’t a far-fetched idea for them as well. As flight preparations are made beforehand, a list of must-haves will need tobe followed. It helps to have staff members who are dynamic and gung-ho enough in making purchases and pre-arrangements, so the best cabin setting is made possible.

12. Love for Adventure

Being ever ready for adventure is an admirable attribute which your staff members must have, especially for pilots and flight attendants. Every exciting destination they’ll get to enjoy in various continents has a corresponding trade-off. This includes being constantly away from home, family, and friends. Either way, their love for adventure will still far outweigh the corresponding challenges whichcome with flying from one country to another.

13. Being the Jack of All Trades

The lines of responsibilities tend to be blurred especially in the dynamic industry of private jet reservations. As team players, your staff must readily pitch in to make sure a flight will be well-prepared. This makes them learn new skills related to your industry, thus become much savvier in serving your clientele. As a decision maker, you can also consider shaking things up by delegating completely new responsibilities to your staff members. This way, they can go beyond their comfort zones and always find exciting things to explore in the field of private flight.

14. Independence to Work Alone

This is also applicable to flight attendants working atcorporate jets. They must independently get everything prepared and well-handled in the cabin.Compared to being in an airline and working with a crew, a private stewardess will solely be taking the responsibility of the flight’s necessary supplies. Stock buying, attending to catering details and making laundry arrangements are some of the tasks which a stewardess will be handling.

Aside from independence, multi-tasking and being on top of each actual trip’s details are also the skills which a flight attendant must have. These responsibilities naturally come with the exciting world of traveling from one country to another and even staying in three cities within a whole week.

15. Culinary Training

Again, this is particularly applicable for private flight attendants. They’re required to serve 5-star and top quality meals even at 40,000 feet high off the ground. This is why culinary training would be required to make sure they’ll know the proper or even best cooking procedures. Wine pairing, re-plating, and on-board cooking are just a few of the skills which will be needed from a stewardess.

By instilling the values which go with these skills, your company will surely stand out from the competition. All these are necessary to make sure your trips will be pleasant, comfy and relaxing to your passengers’ delight.

11 Ways to Completely Ruin Your Client’s Private Jet Flying Experience

With the proliferation of private jet services out there, it’s quite necessary for you to stand out amongst your competitors. Providing the most luxurious experience in every flight will make all the difference for you to keep your customers and eventually earn their loyalty. Thus, it’s always best to avoid a couple of flight management faux pas to keep your clientele enthused about your services.

Here are some scenarios you must ABSOLUTELY avoid as you strive to make your mark in the private jet charter industry:

1. Unprepared Private Terminals

This area is pretty much the first thing your clients will see as they wait to board the plane. Typically, this should be an exclusive lounge area for private passengers to relax in. Although it only takes several minutes before they ride the jet, it’s still necessary for the terminal to always be complete with snacks and refreshments. Some private terminals like the one at Le Bourget,Paris even has a prayer room, snooze area, meeting lounges and a luxury bath area. Without a well-prepared private terminal, you’ll probably be lessening your chances to provide an entirely pleasurable flight to your passengers.

2. Lack of Concierge Support

Your team of flight experts is quite crucial in ensuring the efficiency of your trips, every time. They’re even more needed if your clients will be taking on multi-leg flights. Without concierge support, your passengers won’t also have well-customized quotes. If there’s no sufficient support on this side of your charter team, service fails and complaints would most likely ensue.

3. No Privacy for Business Meetings

Aside from much quicker trips, privacy is one of the very reasons why people opt to book for jets. Even the term “private” is included in the service’s name itself. Clients reserve for private jets so they can simply kick back and relax, without being bothered about random people walking along the cabin’s alleys.They need to have much-deserved rest, so they make sure to book for the most luxurious ride possible.

Ironically,there are some jets which leave little room for uninterrupted naps or even private business meetings. If you’re flying several people through your service, it’s practical to ask if they’d like to have their jet size upgraded. This way, there’d be enough space and dividers for them to walk around the plane without disturbing another passenger who might be napping or having a conference call.

4. No Internet Connections on Long-Range Flights

Sure, a non-available WiFi could be endured during short, 30-minute flights. Your clients may even take the opportunity to disconnect from the digital world and enjoy the sights you’ll be flying over. However taking them to at least an hour-long flight is an entirely different story. A high-speed internet is what you’ll need as people get increasingly connected in the Age of Information. Your passengers should be able to conduct their transactions even while in the skies. They also need to be updated with the goings on in their companies and personal lives. These days, leaving out online connectivity is simply not an option during flights.

5. Subpar Quality of Catering

As private jet charter services offer customized meals for their clientele, there’s almost no limit to which food selections can be prepared for flights. There are even cabin crew members who take the time to source for clients’ special requests like chocolate fondue, vintage wines, or even meals from five-star restaurants. Competing private jet services also hire flight attendants who have a background in culinary studies hence they can prepare the tastiest meals at 41,000 feet.  With lots of in-flight food options to choose from, it will be a let-down if you’ll be re-heating pre-packed food, which tends to be dry. Serving sub par food sends a message to your client that you’re not exerting enough effort to make their experience as pleasurable as possible.

Long-Range Flights

6. Incomplete Toilet Facilities

Aside from safety, it’s highly necessary to have the complete facilities whichensure your passengers’ comfort. Theseinclude your aircraft’s lavatory. Its features varydepending on the size of a plane.Still, on every flight, it’s always best to give the assurance for your passengers to have enough privacy in case of toilet-related emergencies.Fully functionalamenitiesmust be provided, in reference to the duration of your flight and your client’s chosen plane size. Smaller planes have toilet stalls with privacy curtains. 6-seaters have more discreet lavatories at the rears of their cabins. As an aircraft’s size gets bigger, more customization and privacy may be provided in itsbathroom.It’s always best to talk about the lavatory’s features with any plane which your client will charter. This way, they’d know what to expect in case they need to go while in flight.

7. Incomplete Cabin Furnishings

A plane’s cabin facilities will vary in reference to its size. It’s necessary that you don’t fall short of what’s expectedfrom anyaircraft which your client will book for. Without enough in-flight features and inviting furnishings, it would be a challenge to establish more homey-ness, restfulness, and privacy in every flight. For instance, if your plane’s divans can be transformed into a bed do make sure blankets andpillows would at least be provided. Does your aircraft have a built-in Cabin Management System? If so, then it’s important to check on its efficiency and that its necessary components are functional.

8. Lack of Transparency

A guarantee ofsafety and completeness of service are two of the most important messages which you must relay to your passengers. This is made possible by being transparent with your documents and related certifications. Be sure to have your Terms of Carriage readied, among other accessible documentation. Your flight’s terms andprice, plus contact details must be readily available for your passengers to view. These should all be provided so your private clients can gauge the level of service which they’ll experience during flights. Without providing sufficient information, it sure would be difficult to establish trust among your passengers.

9. Lack of Flexibility in Scheduling

Flexibility is another crucial reason why people opt for private jets.  By not providing your passengers’ preferred flight schedule, it would just be much easier for them to switch to another service. Be sure your passenger can easily reach their intended destinations, by planning the most efficient itinerary possible. If they need to quickly change their routes, your team’s concierge service must be quick to provide a jet ready for them to hop on.

10. AirportRestraints

The last thing your clients will need is having to land on airports which are quite far from their intended destinations. Not being able to operate on small airports or exotic destinations is simply unacceptable. Thus, you must be sure to arrange for an agile private plane and an airport that’s operationally welcoming of your passengers as soon as they get there.

11. Inattentiveness to Passengers’ Needs

There have been horrific instances where first class passengers couldn’t squeeze in some time to rest or take a nap due to loudly gossiping crew members. When your passengers opt to fly on private jets, they must expect only the most dedicated attendants to take care of their needs. Their comfort must be highly valued. It’s thus necessary for your flight attendants tohave the complete training to work in an organized manner and to be always on call whenever their services are needed.

Details do matter when it comes to rendering the best possible private jet experienceto your passengers. Either of the mentioned items can make or break your reputation as a private jet provider. Thus it’s in your interest to avoid them at all costs. Instead, be sure to come up with a checklist of standard facilities which must be provided and monitored in every flight you’ll arrange. You can always take private flying to the next level bybeing more attuned to the needs of your passengers and making sure everything in the jet is always well-prepared.

10 Guest Blogging Opportunities for Your Private Jet Business

As a private jet owner, it surely is grand to be able to go wherever you please. Convenience is right at your fingertips whether you need to attend a regional meeting,or you simply want to unwind during a getaway. But what if you can earn more out of your plane by making it available for flight reservations or empty leg trips? By having your jet open for chartering, you can offset your operational costs and maintenance, it’s almost like you’re flying for free.

If you’d like to spread the word about your private jet’s packages, Guest Blogging would be a great way to do so. These days, there’s a proliferation of trusty travel, luxury, and aviation-related sites. By showcasing your service son some of these websites, your business will have better chances of being noticed by your potential passengers.

As a word of advice, these websites look for stories which are worth sharing and reading. So go beyond the sales-y way of placing your service packages, and be sure to bring value to your target sites. For instance, if you’re pitching your article to a luxury-oriented site you can talk about the practical perks of private flying or having a Jet Charter App.Most of these sites will just be placing one to three hyperlinks leading to your Home Page anyways. Some of them are quite strict about making sure the articles you’ll submit wouldn’t sound too promotional.

Having considered the above mentioned reminders, here are ten sites which can market your private jet so luxury travelers can be directed to your services:


1. Air Facts Journal

This site is composed of a passion group of pilots who talk about the joys, challenges and even funny stories which come with flying. It’s a casual site aiming for fresh perspectives when it comes to being a pilot. The Journal is an extension of an online Aircraft Supplies shop, Sporty’s Pilot Shop. On the Air Facts Journal, you’ll have students, hobbyists and professional pilots as your audience. They mostly go for short stories and they appreciate actual photos of where the memoirs took place.

2. Universal Weather & Aviation, Inc.

The business and operations oriented site encourages knowledge and insight-sharing related to aircraft management. It supports the community of professionals who make trip planning and execution possible. With a more formal tone in its content, Universal gives a glimpse of the latest trends when it comes to the elaborate logistics related to flying. They welcome charter brokers, among many other industry professionals, to share their insights on operating aircraft and managing trips.Firsthand experiences from pilots and flight attendants may also be submitted. They do not allow outright advertisements of their contributors’ service packages. However,the blog can make room for up to THREE links leading to commercial sites, LinkeIn pages or any of your other applicable sites.



The site’s owners are in a constant rush of exploring every adventurous place they can include on their bucket list. The Roaming Renegades is maintained by two married couples who continuously have off beaten paths as part of their agenda.Their advertising and feature options are as varied as their adventures. One of the most cost-effective ways to fully showcase your private plane package is by submitting a Guest Post to their site. This should serve as your avenue to further expound about the perks which extreme travelers can get from availing your service.

4.Travel Eater

This site showcases a traveler’s adventures to 51 countries and counting, as she savors the most sumptuous dishes in different parts of the world. Johanna Read has a list of restaurant and food reviews, plus authentic recipes which have been shared from the locals she’s encountered throughout her travels.She’s open to Guest Post submissions and even allows links to be placed on the articles. However,the site owner is quite firm on only featuring stories which are compelling enough to keep her readers engaged.Detailed information is required, so it’s much easier for others to try out the travel-eating experience which has been showcased in the article.



5. I Heart Cabin Crew

From heartwarming, funny and motivational pieces, I Heart Cabin Crew is a promising site which features the different aspects of a flight attendant’s life. It also provides practical tips related to the hiring processes of cabin crew members. The site additionally includes book recommendations for aspiring flight attendants. Some of these books indicate a comprehensive list of Question and Answers which help them prepare for their interviews. They’re currently looking for stories about traveling, the life of a cabin crew, interview tips and other related pieces. This could be the site foryou to share about the accounts of a flight attendant’s experiences in a private jet.

6. Creatively Karalee

As a Marketer and Traveler, Kara talks about her insights about blogging, digital brand building, events, travel destinations and her profession as a flight attendant. She shares tidbits of information about the airline industry, plus her bubbly personality gets reflected by her official website and Social Media accounts. Mulder has worked with various brands and was featured in a number of platforms all over the world. She’s currently open to collaborations to build brands, create content and impart social media strategies among many other prospects.


7. Next Luxury

Next Luxury claims to be the definitive site for the modern man who enjoys luxury, while feeding off intellectual and adventurous pursuits. Its topics include fashion or style, travel, rides, health, wealth, dating, lifestyle and so much more. It encourages its male readers to be gentlemen of greatness by providing tips on how to live well. As one of their articles, “100 Things To Do Before You Die: The Definitive Life Guide For Men” features exciting and feasible extreme activities. They can potentially be part of any guy’s bucket list. These include witnessing a volcano erupt up close, sky
diving, shark cage diving, growing a beard, brewing your own beard and more.

8. Luxury Launches

This site is focused on purely luxurious features. They publish about the latest trends, products, travel destinations and even cars plus yachts. Luxury Launches is seen as one of the best lifestyle sites around. They’ve also been featured at The Guardian and New York Times, among other top publications. The group which represents this website can be reached via email:


9. Smart Hustle

The online magazine aims to build a community of small business owners with the mindset for entrepreneurship. Its values lie in creating a support system for entrepreneurs as they share the challenges, successes and typical hustles which go with building a startup. Smart Hustle features tips about product launches, the application of technology in book keeping, handling customer reviews and more. They’re looking for contributors who share the same passion about small businesses. They prefer those who have experience in the arena of building businesses from scratch. Upon
featuring your content, you’ll also be allowed to have a link which directs to your website.

10. Entrepreneurship Life

With the aim to inspire and motivate business owners, Entrepreneurship Life provides valuable tips on business, entrepreneurship,finance, management, leadership,and technology. This site has the vision of getting entrepreneurs involved in the various facets of a startup. These include generation of ideas up to growing a business. Some of its popular topics are about cloud-based accounting software products, productivity, and even values assessment. This website’s content is quite worthwhile, some commenters are starting to engage in the articles which they’ve so far published.They welcome contributors who’ll cover original analysis and reporting. Commentaries will also be considered.

Just like businesses which have been built with of a vision, it’s always best to share a story rather than be sales-y. These 10 sites can potentially be your starting point towards building an online network to make your service known. Through Guest Blogging, you can gain a following which has been organically grown. This can potentially be sustaining while you build your credibility as a reliable private jet provider.

10 Best Travel Destinations in the United States

You’ll never run out of things to enjoy whenever you visit the USA. With varied landscapes, bodies of water, and subcultures, tourists with different types of interests can always make their trips at the country memorable. Here are just some of the best locations you must see on your next vacation:

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

1. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Fans of hiking and trails will be mesmerized by the grandeur of Arizona’s Grand Canyon. This UNESCO World Heritage site has varying terrains, open skies, a raging river, and captivating wildlife. This wide-area, tourist destination has lots to offer in its North and South Rims. These include the Rim Trail, Grand Canyon Village, Bright Angel Trail, the Havasu Falls, and so much more. If you’re up for more adventures, you can go on a Colorado Whitewater Rafting experience.

Maui, Hawaii

2. Maui, Hawaii

The island of Maui has so much beauty for you to explore. From its rainforests, waterfalls, and beaches, you’llsurely be delighted to have stayed in this wonderfully peaceful destination. Its parks such as the Haleakala National Park and Iao Valley State Park are must-visits. Haleakala even has a dormant volcano, and it’s perfect tovisit during sunrise. The beaches are just remarkable. Did you know it has 15 beacheswhere you can enjoy and relax in? You’ll surely have lots of fun as you try the island’s top watersports activities like surfing, stand up paddle surfing, andwakeboarding.Watching whales frolic in the deep seas are also quite majestic to watch.

San Francisco, California

3. San Francisco, California

As you visit the golden gates of San Francisco, you’ll find it has a welcoming atmosphere.Its hilly tip is surrounded by the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean.Take a tour by hopping on the San Francisco Cable Car System. Someof its top tourist attractions include the Alcatraz Island and Fisherman’s Wharf. The Alcatraz Island used to be a prison for notorious felons,and a walk through its hallways lets you relive some of the city’s memories. You can also tour the Union Square, Pier 39, Chinatown, Palace of Fine Arts and so much more.

4. New York City, New York

Known as the Big Apple or the City that Never Sleeps, New York has a lot of cultural, artistic, financial, and commercial locations you’ll enjoy. It even has numerous landmarks you can explore. These include The Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, World Trade Center & 9/11 Memorial and Museum, Empire State Building,Central Park, and so much more! It even has modern museums and differently themed restaurants which won’t give you enough time to explore if you’re planning to stay for a few days.If you’re a fan of Art, then you’ll get your visual fill of masterpieces at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Museum of Modern Art. Strolls at parks are also great in this American city.

Chicago, Illinois

5. Chicago, Illinois

The Windy City has some of the most amazing neighborhoods, landmarks,art pieces, and restaurantsin the country. As the third biggest country in the United States of America, Chicago has its share of unique destinations. These include the Millennium Park and Grant Park. Huge advocates or even collectors of Artwill appreciate how there’s so much more than the city’s grand, skyscrapers. They’ve got the Art Institute of Chicago, Museum of Contemporary Art, National Museum of Mexican Art and other Indie Art galleries to explore.This city also has its own set of well-appreciated cuisines, like hotdogs, deep dish pizzas, and ice creams.

Las Vegas, Nevada

6. Las Vegas, Nevada

There’ll never be a dull moment when it comes to tours at Las Vegas. Located at the Mojave Desert, this resort city is filled with entertainment showcases you’ll certainly enjoy. A lot of casino resorts have their own spas, restaurants, clubs, and even performance centers. Some of the destinations you’ll be delighted to experience include the Las Vegas Strip, Bellagio, MGM Grand, and Golden Nugget Las Vegas. The Bellagio Fountains are just a splendor to watch. With its rows oflights, refreshing patterns, and beautifully synchronized music, it’s no wonder why people stop by to witness its grand evening performances.

Los Angeles, California

7. Los Angeles, California

Known as the Entertainment Capital of the World and the country’s cultural mecca, Los Angeles will certainly be a city you’ll find memorable. Sunny LA is filled with attractions and experiences which are uniquely its own. If you’d like to see the hand and shoe prints of Clint Eastwood, Cher, or many other celebrities, they’re all at the Grauman’sChinese Theater.Some of the classic destinations you mustn’t miss out on include Disneyland, Hollywood Walk of Fame, TCL Chinese Theater, and Universal Studios Hollywood.Downtown LA, Rodeo Drive, the Santa Monica Pier, and Venice Beach are also some of the local spots you mustn’t miss out on seeing.

8. Washington, D.C.

Toappreciate the heart and soul of the USA, a trip to its capital would be worth every traveler’s while. Each of its landmarks is a reminder of the pivotal moments which significantly shaped the country. Fans of history will be awed by the Smithsonian Institution, the White House, Lincoln Memorial, National Air and Space Museum, International Spy Museum and more. Refreshing strolls and breathing in the air of patriotism both mark the entirely memorable experience you’ll have in this city.

Napa Valley, California

9. Napa Valley, California

This famouswine growing region offers tasting trails for aficionados and experts alike. To wine, dine, and even be pampered are the norms in this county. Taste the best selections Napa has to offer, by visiting the Culinary Institute of America at the St. Helena Campus.They have the Spice Islands Marketplace which sells everything culinary, from spices, herbs, bakeware, utensils, cookbooks, and many other tools.The same school even offers weekend classes for those who’d like to learn more about cooking, baking, or wine tasting. Some of Napa Valley’s other must-visits include Castello di Amorosa, Del Dotto Estate Winery & Caves, and the Del Dotto Historic Caves.

Yellowstone National Park

10. Yellowstone National Park (in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho)

This natural attraction is believed to be the world’s first national park. Visitors will be filled with awe and wonder by the park’s bubbling geysers, hot springs, rivers, mountains, valleys, and wildlife.Elks,bison, and moosecan be distinctly found at this site. Another must-see would be the Old Faithful cone geyser. Tourists can see it erupt from the comforts of a porch, orthey can further walk up close to see its ongoing volcanic activity. Beside it, visitors can enter the gigantic Old Faithful Inn and marvel at its interiors. There’s also the Fountain Paint Pot Nature Trail which showcases terrains and hot springs for visitors to explore.

The USA’s cultural diversity is significantly reflected by its top and varied destinations. This side of North America has lots of reasons for you to come back andhave memorable visits everytime. To quickly reach any of these mentioned destinations, it’s best to book for a private jet. See which plane best fits you by speaking with our flight specialists today.

7 Things to Prepare for a Long Flight

Whether you’re gearing up for a grand vacation or major conference, preparing for a long flight can getdisorienting. It’s a reality which most long-range travelers need to remember. To make sure you’ll be prepared enough for your trip, here are just some of the things you’ll need to prepare:

1. Travel Documents

There are lots of instances where delays almost happenedbecause a passenger forgot his or her ID. Please don’t let this
happen on your next trip. It’s a comfort to know how your private jet service will probably have all the logistics readied
before your flight.Still, it’s always best to bring your documents to verify the validity of your trip.

Here are some of the documents you’ll need to prepare before your flight:

  • Passport
  • VISA
  • Valid ID
  • Your Trip’s Itinerary
  • Contact Details of Your Crew

If you’re traveling with your furry friend/s they’ll also need to be documented for ease of traveling:

  • Pet Passport
  • Immunization Record
  • Micro Chipping Certificate
  • Documents on Vaccination and Dewormization

2. First Aid Kit

Staying safe and healthy is a major priority among travelers. Nobody wants to feel sick while visitingthe most interesting
sights of the world. This is why you’ll need to prepare your very own First Aid Kit. It should contain at least some of these following pieces:

  • Durable Bag / Container
  • Plaster
  • Gauze
  • Surgical Tape
  • Small Scissors
  • Pain Relief Medication
  • Medicine for Fever
  • Cough Drops
  • Oral Rehydration Packets
  • Loperamide Tablets
  • Antibacterial Cream
  • Antihistamine Cream on Itching and Swelling
  • Prescription Medicine

3. Out of Office Responses

As you fly to a long-range destination, your crucial contacts will need to know you won’t be physically in your office for at least a few days. This also means you must delegate a couple of responsibilities and transactions to your immediate staff members.

Be sure to let your clients know you’ll be traveling by drafting an email which contains the information that you’ll be out of the office. You must also state when you’re coming back and whom to talk to for urgent queries.

4. Adapters and Chargers

As the world becomes more and more interconnected, we realize how relatively essential gadgets have become in daily living. Ensure your reachability by bringing your chargers and adapters so your phone, laptop, and tablet will have their batteries in full mode. If you’re especially traveling to an international destination, you may find it a bit of a challenge to figure out if some electrical outlets are safe to re-charge the batteries of your gadgets. This is where adapters are quite handy aswell.

5. Sunscreen

Most of us may readily assume that sunscreen is widely available in stores at our target destinations. However,did you know not all of them are safe for use? Many products contain chemicals which can be harmful to the skin in the long run. They may disrupt the body’s regular processes, and shockingly, there are units which even speed up the growth of skin cancer. Some can cause skin irritation and allergies.

Upon getting ready for your long haul flight, don’t forget to bring your dermatologist-prescribed sunscreen. It’s still best to bring a product which has been cleared by your doctor. With a well-chosen sunscreen, you can slather all you want and not hesitate to soak up the sun especially if you’re traveling to tropical locations.

6. Extra Memory Card

Taking photos is just one great way of preserving the awesome experiences you have while traveling. If you’re going on a once in a lifetime trip, it just makes sense to bring extra data storage so you can keep snapping away.It would certainly be a bummer if you’ll need to keep deleting photos just to make space for another majestic scene you’ll witness. 

7. Stain Remover

Travel sized stain removers can be such a life saver, especially during a business trip. As you go out for lunch, some clumsy moments can’t be avoided and you might risk yourself of spilling food on your perfectly pressed button-down. Establish a good impression with your potential partners by staying mess-free with a clean shirt. A stain remover will be handy to take out stains in a jiffy.

If you’re going on a vacation, a stain remover can also be the solution to keeping your clothes fresh and clean. There’s no need to sulk about a ruined outfit because of a stain which couldn’t be taken out.

Make sure to have this printed out, so you won’t need to kick yourself for not being prepared for your trip. It’s also advisable to build on your checklist and refer from it to get all your items ready. For questions about your travel documents and other related concerns on your private jet trip, feel free to speak with our flight experts at +1 866-448-2358.