The 15 Most Underrated Skills of Private Jet Services

To stand out from the competition, your staff members must have certain service skills to make your clients’ flying experience a delight every time. These underrated, yet outstanding skills can make all the difference between a subpar private flight and an excellent one:

1. Attention to Detail

Being detail oriented always has its perks in the workplace. When particularly applied to private jet services, this quality can be translated to considering the client’s requirements. Usually, a template orchecklist of items has already been laid out to ensure the standard features of a private jet are complete. However it’s still necessary for the crew members to know the exact needs of the clients, so the cabin’s facilities may be customized for the VIP passengers’ comfort.

If clients will be flying for business purposes, then it’s a necessity to prepare all the related facilities they’ll need to conduct their transactions. These include a well-functioning WiFi, plusseats and tables conducive for meetings.

2. Communication Skills

The verbal and non-verbal forms communicationareboth required to meet your client’s expectations. Do your employees ask theright questions when they speak with your customers? Is their understanding alignedwith the passengers’ exact expectations? Clarity is necessary to make sure everything will be accordingly arranged.

3. Time Management

Travelers choose to fly on private jets to experience luxury and convenience. They want to avoid the long lines and hassles of waiting for longer periods of time so they could reach their destinations faster.Hence, your staff members must always be on theconstant lookout for shorter flight routes,especially during multiple city trips.

As acrucial quality, Time Management also means your employees must recognize the importance of setting aside some equitable schedule per client. It is highly likely for them to handle various accounts of clients.Thus they must make time to handle the details of various itineraries. Be sure they also know how to prioritize their time to handle more demanding accounts.

4. Organization

It’s not uncommon thatone of your employeesmay not be around for a whole day. Can you trust that his or her colleagues cantake over and easily retrieve the files relating to a project or transaction? For your internal processes to keep running smoothly, it’s necessary for your staff members to be skilled in office organization. Keeping everything in order is key to further ensure the efficiency of your transactions.

5. Solution-Oriented

Every once in a while, your operation team will encounter some road blocks that could lessen the quality of your service.It’s then a requirement for your staff members to quickly identify the possible challenge beforehand so the best possible solution may be applied.

For instance,if your client requires in-flight catering during their trip, one challenge you’ll likely encounter includes food preparation and storage.To solve this dilemma, it’s necessary for your staff members to brainstorm about the best means to get the customers’ food on the plane. These may include ordering for boxes, chillers,and even portable drawers to effectively store and servethe dishes.

6. Ability to Improvise

What if your client will be flying with his wife and kids, and they’d like to request for a miniature fondue fountain – at the last minute? Then you do all you can to make sure the sumptuous treat will be available on board.A lot of similar instances happen in the business of private jet reservations. Thus it’s necessary for your staff members to be ready for requests at the drop of a hat. They must be inclined to improvise by sourcing for different materials from various stores, plus driving all the way to certain shops.

Long-Range Flights

7. Being on Call, 24/7

Constant availability cannot be undermined when it comes to the business of private jet charters. This is why your team must be shuffled in to make sure service will be available throughout different times of the day. You must also be able to provide a plane in as little as 30 minutes before your client’s trip.

8. High Energy Level

The private jet charter industry is quite dynamic. This is why you’ll need to have staff members who can find ways to keep inspired and have sustained, high levels of energy. These are quite usefulin arranging for flights, speaking to operators, coordinating with suppliers and most importantly, in attending to the needs of your customers.

9. ACaring Attitude

This quality is necessary,especially for long range flights. Consider the plane as your clients’ home away from home. Hence your staff members must be dedicated to prioritizing the comfort of your passengers, even if the clients can get quite particular and demanding.

10. Optimism and Positivity

Employees can feel frazzled in the middle of handling client requirements andspeaking with your partners. This is where the value of optimism becomes quite handy. Staying positive even in the middle of a busy season can especially be energy boosting and it somehow lightens the load of your operations. Counter the effects of snowballing pessimism and lack of productivity, byletting your staff members conceive of one positive thought at a time.

Long-Range Flights

11. Flexibility

Agility certainly goes a long way when it comes toservingyour clients. This is especially applicable to private jet flight attendants. Being constantly on their feet, running to different shops and flying to different countries within a week perfectly describe these angels of the skies. Personal shopping requests aren’t a far-fetched idea for them as well. As flight preparations are made beforehand, a list of must-haves will need tobe followed. It helps to have staff members who are dynamic and gung-ho enough in making purchases and pre-arrangements, so the best cabin setting is made possible.

12. Love for Adventure

Being ever ready for adventure is an admirable attribute which your staff members must have, especially for pilots and flight attendants. Every exciting destination they’ll get to enjoy in various continents has a corresponding trade-off. This includes being constantly away from home, family, and friends. Either way, their love for adventure will still far outweigh the corresponding challenges whichcome with flying from one country to another.

13. Being the Jack of All Trades

The lines of responsibilities tend to be blurred especially in the dynamic industry of private jet reservations. As team players, your staff must readily pitch in to make sure a flight will be well-prepared. This makes them learn new skills related to your industry, thus become much savvier in serving your clientele. As a decision maker, you can also consider shaking things up by delegating completely new responsibilities to your staff members. This way, they can go beyond their comfort zones and always find exciting things to explore in the field of private flight.

14. Independence to Work Alone

This is also applicable to flight attendants working atcorporate jets. They must independently get everything prepared and well-handled in the cabin.Compared to being in an airline and working with a crew, a private stewardess will solely be taking the responsibility of the flight’s necessary supplies. Stock buying, attending to catering details and making laundry arrangements are some of the tasks which a stewardess will be handling.

Aside from independence, multi-tasking and being on top of each actual trip’s details are also the skills which a flight attendant must have. These responsibilities naturally come with the exciting world of traveling from one country to another and even staying in three cities within a whole week.

15. Culinary Training

Again, this is particularly applicable for private flight attendants. They’re required to serve 5-star and top quality meals even at 40,000 feet high off the ground. This is why culinary training would be required to make sure they’ll know the proper or even best cooking procedures. Wine pairing, re-plating, and on-board cooking are just a few of the skills which will be needed from a stewardess.

By instilling the values which go with these skills, your company will surely stand out from the competition. All these are necessary to make sure your trips will be pleasant, comfy and relaxing to your passengers’ delight.